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Mountain Dulcimer

Hammered Dulcimer

For Everyone

Merry Christmas!

8 Classes
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    We Three Kings for HD/MD Duo

    Dan and Steve collaborate on this one to create an arrangement of a familiar Christmas tune. This is a great lesson for learning about the process of arranging tunes and working with other instruments.

    7 Lessons / 18 Minutes
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    We Three Kings, Solo Hammered Dulcimer
    BEG | INT

    Dan Teaches this popular Christmas tune. It's a simple version, but has moderately difficult hand separation. Great for beginners and intermediate players, but can also serve as a good foundation for advanced players.

    9 Lessons / 12 Minutes
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    We Three Kings, Solo Mountain Dulcimer
    INT | ADV

    Steve teaches the popular Christmas tune. This tune is a little challenging, but certainly appropriate for intermediate players.

    8 Lessons / 18 Minutes
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    God Rest Ye Merry Gentlemen
    BEG | INT | ADV

    I've got two arrangements of this classic Christmas tune, one for beginners and one for intermediates and up. I also improvise a performance at the end.

    6 Lessons / 19 Minutes
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    In The Bleak Mid Winter
    INT | ADV
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    Joy to the World
    BEG | INT
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    The First Noel
    Grid 3 3 walter chavez 300070
    Silent Night

Dulcimer to Dulcimer

2 Classes
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    Dan Teaches Aaron Hammered Dulcimer
    BEG | INT

    Aaron already knows a lot about music in general and mountain dulcimer in particular, but when it comes to hammered dulcimer, not so much. Watch him learn.

    10 Lessons / 01 Hour 13 Minutes
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    Aaron teaches Dan Mountain Dulcimer
    BEG | INT

    The allure of tuning only three strings has inspired Dan to learn "the other" dulcimer. In this course, you can track Dan's progress and follow along in learning a contemporary approach to the mountain dulcimer.

    4 Lessons / 29 Minutes

Dulcimer School

1 Class
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    Welcome to Dulcimer School

    In this class you will learn how to use the new super awesome DulcimerSchool! Sit back and relax and enjoy the show.

    1 Lesson / 02 Minutes